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In 1952, as the Korean War rages on, American officers land in Kyoto. Among them are Major Ceve Saville, assigned to a fighter squadron, and Lieutenant Carl Abbott. The latter neglects his charming wife Kristina, who is sinking into bitterness. In Korea, Saville meets again Colonel Dutch Imil, a former brother in arms as well as other friends. Back in Japan Saville falls in love with forsaken Kristina, which arouses Abbott's jealousy. The two men turn into implacable rivals. But during a mission against Chinese Migs, Abbott is hurt and Saville decides to rescue him…
In 1952, during the Korean War, two American pilots become bitter enemies over the same woman but must shelf their personal feud when confronted by deadly Chinese MIG fighter jets in battle.
Not a bad war movie for the fifties. The aerial sequences are exciting and well done (pre-computer). Mitchum is his usual entertaining, stoic self, and Robert Wagner has an especially amusing role as a young, &quot;hipster/hotshot&quot; pilot, that takes after Mitchum.<br/><br/>It&#39;s on TV every once in a while. Catch it!
Until reading the first review on this page I had no idea that the author of the novel, on which the film is loosely based, was born James Horowitz. My (late) father, Leonard Horowitz, a WWII veteran of the Normandy invasion, became an aerospace engineer and worked for Republic. He designed components of the cockpit air-conditioning system of the F84F Thunderstreak, the plane used in the movie to simulate MIG 15s. My dad also designed the hydraulic system of the landing gear on Republic&#39;s Mach II fighter bomber, the F105 Thunderchief, (aka the &quot;Thud&quot;). When I was 10, Dad took the family to an open house at the Farmingdale NY plant, during which the Thunderbirds performed. Afterward I used my saved up allowance for my first ride in an airplane, a 15 minute flight in a Cessna at adjacent Zahn&#39;s airport. Given this background I will watch any movie involving airplanes or spaceships. While my wife is out of town this weekend I will be at a theatre watching George Lucas&#39; new movie &quot;Red Tails.&quot;

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