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As a crime wave sweeps through Hong Kong, the police call on Jessica Yang, a rising star in their ranks, to help stop a notorious gang of thieves.
When i saw this movie i was really mad because i had bought it on DVD, thinking it was a great movie… Well i was wrong. This is not a great movie… at all. What could have been a great hong kong action movie is in reality a low budget "american action movie" with Asians playing all the roles. The hong kong movies i love in the martial arts genre is the ones where the action is clear, fight scenes are shot at a wide angle and with few cuts so you get pretty long sequences where you see everything the fighters do. In this movie however, they use closeups and fast cuts, usually seen in movies where they are trying to hide the fact that the actors can't fight. But we all know Michelle Yeoh can fight so why they have done this is beyond me. The lousy fight scenes ruined the entire movie for me i am a afraid. I rate this movie 4/10
‘Supercop 2', the sequel to ‘Police Story 3: Supercop' from the same director Stanley Tong, is more than just a sequel. To me, it seems slightly superior to the (still of course very entertaining!) first movie. It has a different approach altogether, because the first movie was basically about full speed action and amazing stunts like we are used from Jackie Chan's movies. Michelle Khan in her role as a police officer from China helped him along. In some ways, it was a `buddy movie' with one buddy being an extremely tough girl! In the second movie, Michelle Khan is the star. Jackie only has a small guest appearance in a silly and unnecessary scene. ‘Supercop 2' gets a lot more serious than its predecessor. The tragedy motif: Michelle realizes her ex-boyfriend has become a criminal and now works for a gang of high-tech bank robbers. The characterization is surprisingly detailed, down to small things like choosing a wrong present for someone you love but not completely understand, and the ending (Will she shoot him? Or will she let him escape?) had me sit on the edge of my seat… My favourite scene is Michelle's fight against one of the mercenaries: a 7 feet giant trying to hit a 5 feet girl, and you bet he's getting his butt kicked really hard – I've never seen something like this before. Hah, take this, Rambo! Probably this movie was an important step for Michelle Khan (a.k.a. Yeoh) on her way to the Bond movie `Tomorrow Never Dies'. Very recommendable, unless you only watch movies for being a Jackie Chan completist, and don't care about any other qualities in a movie, like a few other reviewers here seem to do, I'm afraid.

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