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In an isolated island in South Pacific, there is an outbreak in a top-secret military facility where Colonel Aiden Wexler is researching biological weapon. Ten years later, a small squad is sent to the island to investigate the status of the facility. They shall contact their helicopter a couple of hours later; otherwise the place will be bombed and totally destroyed. Along their journey, they are attacked by zombies and when they reach the building, they find Aiden alive. Out of the blue, Dr. Mikaela Usylvich that is assisting the mission discloses that is Aiden's daughter.
A military squad is sent to a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean in order to secure top secret records involving a zombie epidemic that wiped out the large scientific team experimenting with various test chemicals and toxins which leads to the team battling not only zombies, but the lone surviving scientist who has plans for the future of the human race.
Of course I would have to sit down to watch a movie such as &quot;Isle of the Dead&quot;, given the fact that it is another zombie movie. And anything even remotely zombie will be appealing to me.<br/><br/>However, I didn&#39;t really have much hope or expectations for &quot;Isle of the Dead&quot;. Which turned out to be for the best, because this was a very generic and mediocre movie, even for a zombie movie.<br/><br/>The story was adequate enough, though. It is about a small group of soldiers set afoot on a remote and isolated island where they are to discover the disappearance of a previous group of soldiers and also to seek out the chief scientist of a research facility.<br/><br/>It does seem quite like a simplistic storyline, doesn&#39;t it? Well, right, because it was. But hey, most zombie movies can&#39;t really boast with having intricate and elaborated plot lines and story lines. However, it turned out to be fair enough.<br/><br/>As for the acting in the movie, well I will say that people were doing good enough jobs with their given roles and characters, and taking into consideration the magnitude of the script and storyline. However, it was a shame that Sydney Viengluang didn&#39;t have a bigger part than she did, because she does perform quite well in the &quot;Z Nation&quot; zombie TV series.<br/><br/>The special effects in &quot;Isle of the Dead&quot; were actually quite good, taking into consideration the production level of the movie. However, they tended to fall into that classic error of zombie movies, where they put lots of make-up on the face, then forget about the neck and the rest of the body. A classic and stupid rookie mistake to make.<br/><br/>One thing that didn&#39;t sit well with me was the über-zombies, the ones that got out of containment and were able to speak and make coherent thinking and planning (for some reason). It just added a level of stupidity to the movie. And also, the ridiculous showdown between the two über-zombies towards the end of the movie was just like a slap to the face with a dead herring. Wow, that was awful.<br/><br/>All in all, then &quot;Isle of the Dead&quot; turned out to be a very genetic and mediocre addition to the zombie movie catalogue. There is nothing noteworthy to be had in &quot;Isle of the Dead&quot;, and whether or not you watch it will have little impact on your extended take on the zombie genre.<br/><br/>Now that I have seen it, I can check it off the zombie-watch-list. However, I doubt that I will ever make a second trip back to watch this ever again.
Joey Lawrence (Blossom) and Maryse Mizanin (pro wrestler, Miz&#39;s wife) lead Navy Seals into an island to find a doctor left there for 10 years. DC Douglas is that scientist working on a serum to counteract a zombie virus that stemmed (supposedly) from his colleague&#39;s (Eric St. John) tinkering with science resulting in the undead spreading throughout the island.<br/><br/>There&#39;s all the machine gun fire into the heads of zombies violence in the recognized style of the Asylum productions (very much in the vein of Z-Nation) you come to expect. The &quot;anomalies&quot; zombies are a frightening bunch (good make-up work and the way they shoot them is damned effective; their noise and rabid, unhinged behavior, barely locked away in a room, sets up a foreknowing of what could lie in wait for the heroes), but the combat at the end when Mizanin and Douglas (it is revealed they are daughter and father) duke it out with zombies led by Douglas&#39; rival St. John is just too much…that and I swear one of the sound effects when Mizanin stabs a zombie head makes a chocolate syrup bottle squirt sound! Lawrence is all business and never allows the film to upend his serious take on the character and his mission. There&#39;s this bomb that will detonate giving the soldiers only so much time to find Douglas and his work and get the hell off the island. Mizanin is dead set on retrieving information and serum so that her father&#39;s work was not in vain and would benefit her superiors. Maryse is French and so her character was written as a scientist included in the group of soldiers, accompanying them in the sole purpose of finding that information important to the military, responsible for the base on the island to begin with. Maryse gets to go all &quot;undead badass&quot; at the end which made the film rather laughable yet charming at the same time. There&#39;s this one scene I really liked involving Douglas showing the soldiers some of his &quot;pets&quot;, zombies he had encased in cages for constant study…one of the zombies had bulging pores and this mutated, diseased face just peering maniacally at them from behind the glass.<br/><br/>Douglas never should have been trusted, yet the film turns him, oddly, into a sort of hero when battling St. John (mainly because Maryse is badly injured by him) at the end. His twitchy and aggressive behavior is never trustworthy, and when he&#39;s told he will be divorced or distanced from the location of his work (and the thought of his work being &quot;stolen&quot;, altered, and credited to others), the others should have realized that he was dangerous…ummm, and when he turns out to be a zombie, only humanized by a serum which wears off eventually, that might have been a definite sign that he was a peril to them all. Not to let the bugs get left out, some crawl into (and under) the skin of a soldier and eat him inside out (coming out of his eye even!). Zombies eat, too…can&#39;t leave that out, right?

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