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A crash landing leaves Kitai Raige and his father Cypher stranded on Earth, a millennium after events forced humanity's escape. With Cypher injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.
In the future, Earth becomes inhabitable and mankind moves to Nova Prime. However, aliens try to conquer Nova Prime but are defeated by the Rangers under the command of General Cypher Raige. The aliens bring the predator Ursas to hunt down the humans attracted by their fear and Raige develops the fearless ghosting technique to defeat them. On the same day that Raige returns home, his estranged son Kitai Raige is not advanced to the Ranger position in the academy. Raige promises his wife that he will travel in his last assignment before retirement and she convinces him to bring Kitai with him. When their spacecraft is damaged by an asteroid storm, she crashes on Earth and only Raige and Kitai survive. Raige breaks both legs and Kitai needs to cross the hostile and dangerous planet to retrieve the beacon and save their lives.
Well I do regret paying the ticket for this motion picture. Real bad acting,a poor and uninteresting plot. There is some nice special effects but that is all. This review has to contain a minimum of 10 lines of text and that is by far more text than the storyline of the movie.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t get the fearful monster Ursa that senses fear and have no other way of spotting a human. It is designed to track down and wipe out all humans. But if your not scared it can&#39;t see you, it&#39;s blind. Now that is not scary at all, it&#39;s just a very poor monster design. <br/><br/>Go and waste your money on something else than this movie, it&#39;s better spent on a racing horse that dosen&#39;t win. At least that race will have more action than this movie. I&#39;m sorry Will but this just dosn&#39;t do it for me.
As a sci-fi enthusiast I feel deeply disappointed. <br/><br/>The story is predictable in 70% from the title alone, but after 5 min prologue, you know 90%. CGI is cheap and blending is terrible, sets look cheap, acting feels amateur and inconsistent… there is no world building except for this 5 min prologue and plot holes are so big you could fit Will Smith with his whole family inside them :P <br/><br/>Even if you ignore the above, the movie is just plain boring! The pace doesn&#39;t seem to ever change and most of the times you just hope for any, even smallest plot twist, that would surprise you.<br/><br/>Why, oh why, was it let out of the editing room is beyond me. Worst movie of the year, one of the worst sci-fi pieces I&#39;ve seen…
Shyamalan is clearly a director-for-hire here, his disinterest palpable from first frame to last. Nowhere in evidence is the gifted "Sixth Sense" director who once brought intricately crafted setpieces and cinematic sleight-of-hand to even the least of his own movies.

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